Q: How long does it take to build a home?

A:  While small homes take approximately 12 weeks to complete, larger projects often take 3 6 months.

Q: Is there a standard calculation to use when trying to calculate the building costs of my home?

A: No. Each home is unique and has different associated costs. The only homes whose building costs can be standardized are tract homes.

Q: Can I make changes to one of your pre-designed homes?

A:  Absolutely! All of our pre-designed home plans can be modified to add extra square footage, additions, porches, garages, and basements.

Q: When is garbage/recycling day?

A: Garbage Collection Schedule (only for Windsor)
City of Windsor:974-1010

Q: Wheres my Mailbox?

A: 1 800-267-1177 Canada Post - Address Change

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